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At our dental office, we realize that the ultimate reason patients come to and stay with a dental practice is that they believe the dentist as well as the staff can be trusted to provide the best possible care consistent with the patient’s personal values and interests.

We know that signs, slogans, or philosophical statements do not tell patients who we are—our actions do such. We know these things are meaningless unless each and every member of our office takes their jobs to heart and behaves accordingly. For over 40 years we have been providing for the health of our Hi-Desert community. I live in and raised my family in our community always seeking to give back to this magical place.

If we are to truly provide a service, our patients must feel that each staff member is dedicated to serving our patient's needs and that all systems and procedures of the office were created to facilitate that end.

I spent four years with you from 1969-1972. My wife and I met at 16 and were married right after boot camp. As a young enlisted couple we understand the challenges of a budget. And more importantly we understand the concept of moving and having to choose new health care providers.

I know the drive to Yucca might be further, but you will be treated as the family member which you are—I know the meaning of “Marine Family”. I have been taking care of Marines and their families for over 50 years. I have felt such to always be an honor.

And over the years, we have had families stationed at Pendleton which drive all the way back to the Yucca Valley office. I have Marine Families that return to 29 Palms in their duty rotation who come back to the office—that is truly a blessing and solidifies the concept of—“a long term relationship”. Yes, I was a “Navy” Corpsman—but after 4 years with the Marines (FMF)—once a Marine, always a Marine.

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